What we’ve been doing lately #3

It’s been a while since my last update and it’s been quite busy. The week after I posted, Sam had two weeks off work which was lovely. He spent the first week pottering at home with us, with Little H at nursery like normal. Then the Friday of that week and the following week we took a family holiday to Norfolk which I have written about separately. It was lovely to get away and I survived the stress and anxiety of packing for all of us. Thank goodness for the roof box though.

The girls have also had various appointments over the last few weeks, both medical and hair related. None of them were serious but Little H had slightly swollen glands so had to have some blood taken for a blood count to ensure there was nothing lurking. The results came back normal which was good news as I got myself incredibly worked up about the results, fearing there would be something bad. Little Z also needed to go and see the paediatrician for a follow-up appointment after the virus that put her in hospital when she was small. There were no concerns there either so she’s been discharged which is fab news. Then Little H needed a hair chop! I love when her hair is a bit longer and she can tie it back but she looks so cute when she’s got a freshly cut bob.

It’s been a busy time for Little Z too. She has been weaning for about 8 weeks now. I’d originally hoped that as her food intake went up, her need for nighttime milk would go down but that hasn’t proved to be the case. I have had to accept that she’ll stop feeding at night when she was good and ready. So we made the step to move her into her own room. It’s gone okay so far but is taking a bit of getting used to. Getting up to soothe her is definitely more tiring but it’s more comfortable feeding her sat on the sofa rather than the bed now that’s she’s bigger.

I reflected back on what Little H did at this age and she seemingly required a lot less attention at night. But that’s made me realise that having ‘done’ the baby years with another child can be a blessing and a curse. Whilst I cope much more calmly with dramas, illness etc, it’s hard not to compare what the two girls at each stage. It’s a dangerous business though because Little Z is far more physically active than Little Z was at 7 months so that alone could affect her feeding habits. After seeing Little Z enjoy playing on a carpeted floor on holiday, I also bought us a new large play mat so she can spend more time safely on the floor. This additional activity alone will make her hungry I’m sure!

I’ve also been on a real eco drive over the last few months with an intensified focus this last month. I’m going to write more about that journey another time but I’ve spent time researching environmentally friendly cosmetics (including make-up), milk, buy-by-weight foods and plastic-free, organic, locally-sourced vegetables. The more I read on the subject, the more the state of things upsets me and the more I want to change. It’s certainly confirmed that moving to reusable nappies was the right choice for us – another thing I have yet to finish my post on!

Plastic-free, fully recycled toilet roll!

Looking ahead, the coming weeks should be fun. We’ll be going to the wedding of one of my oldest friends which I’m looking forward to; Little H has got a new dress for the occasion which she is excited about. I have also set-up swimming lessons for Little H after she enjoyed the pool so much on holiday. I really hope she enjoys it and I’ll be posting a positive update next time. I’m also hoping I’ll be able to post about getting a little more sleep but I’m not going to get my hopes up too much on that front!

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