What we’ve been doing lately #4

As I write this Sam is out watching a cycling event at the Olympic Velodrome. My dinner is in the oven and it looks and sounds like the Littles might be asleep; I’ll never tempt fate and assume they are or will stay that way but at this exact moment a calm has fallen on the house. As I was washing my face, I suddenly found the desire to write a journal post after weeks of having no interest or energy. I’m feeling quite worn though. Whilst I have no complaints about Sam going to events like this, it is that extra bit tiring dealing with both the girls on my own for the tail end of the day, including bath time. Today was especially wearing because they were both in grizzly moods, whining all the time. By tea time by patience was almost gone and my temper was simmering – not my best parenting moment. But I didn’t shout or cry so I suppose it was a win really!

A smiley moment in amongst the whining!

Tonight the clocks change. On previous years I have kept Little H up for an extra half an hour to try and balance out the extra hour of sleep time. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage that today though as Little Z doesn’t have the stamina. However, she was flagging about 4:45pm and whilst usually that is the danger nap slot, today I let her have half an hour. They had dinner a smidge late and we went up 20 minutes early and took our time. Yet somehow, I turned off Little H’s light at bang-on 7pm…as normal. Then Little Z didn’t want a milk feed after a big and late dinner, so I left her at 7:10pm. I concluded that whilst they were lights out by normal time, if I’d not kept them up that extra 20 mins then they’d have been in bed really early! Only the morning will tell what impact the clock change has truly had…

Holding hands with her favourite giraffe toy!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and a bit of a mixed bag to be honest. A fortnight ago we went up to Leeds for the wedding of one of my oldest friends, Jen, and her partner Steve. We set-off after Little Z’s nap on Friday and the traffic was awful the entire way. We stopped for lunch on the way but excluding that the journey took about 4 hours. The Airbnb house we stayed in was lovely though and so comfortable. So we had a chilled out morning on Saturday before heading to the wedding venue for a light lunch. The wedding itself was lovely and Jen had knitted her bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, flowers for her hair and (with the help of her mum and sister) the table flowers! It was tiring dealing with Little Z on such a long and structured day. But Little H had a whale of a time playing with the daughter of one of my other oldest friends, Helen, who was there with her family.

A selection of knitted flowers now in Little H’s room

The day after the wedding, we set off home as early as we could; it was still almost 10am by the time we’d packed up and the gubbins we always have to take but as it was Sunday the roads were still quiet. The conditions were awful because a storm was crossing the country so it rained the entire journey. But we made it back in just over 4 hours including a lunch stop. I was glad to get back as unpacked though after several long distance trips over the last few months. We have no plans to travel for a while so nothing my subconscious to panic about!

Sadly there was a unwanted gift from the wedding in the form of a stomach bug. It hit Sam first with stomach cramps and then got Little H. She was very distressed one night so came in with Sam and I. We were dozing in fits and starts and then at 3am, Little H sat up and was sick all over my side of the bed. Lovely. But she felt a bit better after that and we managed to get a little bit of sleep. I was knackered at the end of the following day though after looking after a poorly Sam and Little H on top of a demanding Little Z! I suffered some cramps but couldn’t be sure exactly the cause. Besides, I had no choice but to deal with them. I suspect Little Z suffered a bit too as for a couple of days she would get quite upset at times. But her teeth are cutting too, so I will never be sure.

Poorly but still smiling a bit. A sofa bed was necessary though!

Sleep has been a bit hit-and-miss recently. Last weekend I had one of the worst nights with Little Z ever. She couldn’t settle and I had to go into her on-and-off for hours. I think at best I got 3 – 3.5 hours sleep the entire night. I didn’t feel as bad as I thought on Sunday though; it’s amazing how one is able to just get on with it when there is no alternative. She had a few better nights after that though and I felt a bit more re-energised. In fact I had quite a productive week!

As I continue my campaign to lessen the environmental impact our family has, I finally got my ingredients to make my own cleaning products. I started with a spray-and-go shower spray to replace one we’ve used for a while. I desperately (yes, I’m an exciting person!) want to make some toilet tablets but I need a silicon muffin mould which I surprisingly couldn’t get in the shops so is on it’s way from Amazon.

I also set-up our repeat orders with the milkman. That experience has been a bit hit-and-miss so far though. We’ve had a problem on both our deliveries so far. I’m going to give it another week and see if the service improves else I need to consider what role it plays. I’d be disappointed to have to return to plastic-bottled milk after finally making the decision to move.

On that note though, I’m going to finish-up. I’m watching ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and it’s getting to my favourite part so I want to enjoy it. I’m also in need of a cuppa. I’ve got a fun-sized Milky Way to enjoy with it too; Little H went to a birthday party and they always get far more sweets and chocolate in the party bag than we like her to have. So Sam snuck a couple of things out which I’m going to cheekily enjoy instead. Surviving a kids party has to have some reward right!

Until next time…

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