Year 1 with a baby: 10 things I couldn’t have lived without

Back in the early days (which feel like forever ago now!) I wrote a couple of blog posts which sang the praises of the things which kept me sane, kept me functioning or kept me fed throughout the first 6 months of Motherhood. (For those of you who missed them then please take a look at 0-3 months and 3-6 months.) When I got to 9 months I considered doing another post, but things had become a little more predictable (*laughs hysterically at the irony of what she’s written*) so I held off. Now we’ve reached the one year milestone, it’s time to reflect back on the top 10 things (some you’ve seen and some new) that have helped me through this first twelve months! Let the countdown begin….

In at 10…

…The Big Bang Theory. This featured as number 9 on my ‘Three months with a new baby…‘ blog as an originally missed number 9. During the early months it was enjoyed light and amusing watching for Sam and I. But as H got older, having heard it in the background for babyhood, H started to respond to the theme music. She’d turn, smile and, eventually, dance along. It even stopped several crying fits! Thanks Bare Naked Ladies!

Number 9 goes to…

…Bread Sticks. These have proven a tasty snack for both mini H and I. Often a snack will diffuse a ‘situation’ and whilst she likes the baby rice cake snacks and things, bread sticks are cheaper and less messy. Today she grabbed a handful of 4 and they all got crunched.


Shooting in at 8…

…the camera on my phone. It’s a really good quality and has been there to capture photos and videos of H throughout the year. I regularly look back and having so many nice pictures makes me smile! A decent phone made it on to my list of the 8 gadgets that are helpful when you have a baby post.


Cruising to the number 7 spot is…

…our UPPA Baby ‘Travel System’. I would love to know how many miles this thing has done over the last 12 months but I am pretty sure it’s a lot! According to my Fitbit log I have walked 1,389.27 miles in the last year. Given at least half of that must have been with the UPPA… It’s a really solid buggy and the carry cot also proved a great ‘moses basket’ when H was small.

February walk
The UPPA on it’s first ever outing!

Proving a very solid number 6 is…

…the play mat. H couldn’t sit up until she was about 6 months old and she didn’t have much interest in rolling either. But she was perfectly happy with her play mat for months. At one point or another, every single dangly toy was her ‘favourite’. It was a sad day when I realised we didn’t need the play mat anymore.

2015-07-08 08.42.46

The first entry in the top 5 is…

…the ‘jumperoo’ (or Baby Einstein Bouncer in this case). This got slightly less mileage than the play mat. But it was the bouncer which really started to get H’s length strength up. Whilst she’s not a really early walker, she’s walking at speed holding only one hand now and I think the bouncer should take a fair amount of credit.

2015-07-08 07.59.55

At 4, just missing a podium position, is…

…our NCT group Mums and Babies. We struck really lucky with our group and we’ve stayed good friends since the birth of our babies. There are 6 weeks between the oldest and youngest so they’ve all grown up together so far. We have been a continued source of support and guidance for each other – sharing frustrations, experiences and worries. Plus a lot of cake!

NCT birthday party
All their favourite animals for their recent joint birthday party cake!

3 goes to…

…tea. This life-giving elixir has made it into both my previous blog posts (Three months with a new baby 8 things I couldn’t have lived without and Three to six-months with a baby 8 things I couldn’t have lived without) and continues to be my saviour. When I’m weary after a bad night, or I’m feeling poorly but H doesn’t want to let me rest, tea is my best friend!

2015-05-05 08.06.42

Just missing out on first place at 2 is…

…Lamby! In fact Lamby is a team of 5 who cover home and nursery. When she was small, H wasn’t interested in cuddly animals, but about 4 months ago Lamby became a necessity for sleeping. Lamby keeps an eye on H throughout the night and during her naps. She also gambols to the rescue when illness strikes or when getting ready for bed is just taking far too long. Life would be a lot harder without Lamby!


And taking the top spot is…

…H! Without sounding too gushy, every single disturbed or sleepless night, every single nappy disaster or every single post dinner floor & wall cleaning session has been worth it. Life is great with H here and those little smiles, even in the middle of the night, just make life better!


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