Your face

Little H, I was cleaning your teeth the other day when the sun caught your face. It made me cup your face in my hands and turn it up so I could look at you. To really look at one of my favourite faces in the whole world. Your soft young skin and toothpaste round your mouth. Your grey-blue eyes ever scrutinising the world. Your tiny nose wrinkling up as you ask me “What you doin’?”.
It’s a face that makes me so happy when I to see. Whilst I may long for a bit more sleep in the mornings, I love when it comes peeking through our door in the morning. Then there are those mornings where you are still asleep when your sun comes up. So I sneak into your room and ask “Where is Little H? Where could she be?”. And the cover is lifted up so I can snuggle up next to you, your sleepy and warm little face snuggled against mine as you refuse to give into the morning for a few minutes longer.
I even love it when it’s fierce and full of anger, I relish that it’s so alive. Then I tell you that your face is so wonderful when you’re happy and more often than not it’ll change to a toothy grin. You’re a tiring little person now and I’m grateful for your nursery days to keep you occupied and give me some space. But even then, as home time draws closer, I find myself longing to see your face again. And now your little face has been joined by another. The tiny and curious face of your sister. The face that breaks into the biggest grin ever when I open the bedroom door to say hello after her naps. Or stares at me intensely with grizzly wails when it’s time for a sleep or a feed.
Little Z’s wide blue eyes always exploring the sights around her. Hunting out me, her Dad and, even more so, you. Her best friend. The person whose face makes her beam and laugh hard when you sing and dance at her. With her ears sticking out the side of her head in such an adorable way. And the spiky hair which is getting thicker by the day. The little brown haired delight to your blonde haired cheekiness. Oh, I do love your faces.

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