5 awesome things about today’s spring sunshine!

One of the things I love most about living in England is the changing of the seasons. Since I was a child I have found it quite magical to watch the weather progress from the bitter cold of winter in to the gentle warm damp of spring then onwards to the often dry arid and sticky summer days that leave you yearning for those slowly cooling breezes that the autumn brings. Every year is slightly different too; Whilst following the same cyclic pattern, there are always those unpredictable elements which give us Brits a handy topic of conversation all year round:

“Hasn’t it been raining a lot!”
“It’s not been very cold yet this winter. Do you think it could still turn?”
“It’s so hot. I can’t cope with it being this hot. It’s TOO hot.”

But as we are on the upward slope out of what has been a very up-and-down winter temperature wise, I’ve been specifically reflecting on some of the awesome things about the recent sunshine beyond the fact it just means we can sit basking in it’s warmth!

  1. Everything looks better in the sunshine: Colours seem brighter, people seem cheerier (probably because they are in a better mood!) and the world both inside and out seems a friendlier place;

    Flowers in sun
    These already beautiful flowers from my sister look glorious in the sun today

  2. You can get a bit of natural vit D: Vitamin D is important for healthy teeth and bones. From approximately March to October, we can have enough sunlight in the UK to allow us to naturally produce vitamin D.

    Vit D
    Even after I stopped breastfeeding, I have occasionally been popping these to see me through the winter.

  3. Your skin gets a bit of therapy: In addition to vitamin D, ills and ails heal quicker in the sunny and warmer weather. As someone who suffers from eczema, the sunshine really helps me recover from the wintery conditions which induce it – dry air, extremes of temperature and constantly covered skin. H also suffers from baby eczema and getting a bit of air and warmth on her skin really helps it to heal.
  4. It helps get rid of stains: Kids in particular are prone to making a mess of their clothes. Even Napisan can’t get all the stains out. BUT, put them in sunshine for a bit (as little as a couple of hours in the middle of summer) and most stains will be UV-ed away.

    I didn’t think to do a before & after but yesterday lunchtime there was 2 pence sized tomato stain around the top button of this!

  5. It’s a pleasure to go outside walking again: I’m speaking as someone with a 1 year old who still needs pushing in the buggy. If it’s raining, windy and / or very cold, our daily strolls are not much fun because even if I can get warm, the little one starts to feel the cold after about 20 mins. But in the sunshine we both feel a bit warmer and H enjoys looking around and watching the world!

What do you think the best things about the spring sunshine?

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