Bang, bang and yes, bang again

Sat here quitely in our spare bedroom / study / dumping ground, you can clearly tell it is the weekend before Bonfire Night.  Every other second the peace and quiet of my computer time is shattered by a ‘weeeeeeeeeee, bang’ of a firework going off.  To be perfectly honest, I have no problem with fireworks.  In fact, I am quite a fan.  However, this year everyone seems to have gone one step too far and have bough ”weeeeeeeeeee, BOOM’ fireworks – the kind that make it feel like your house is going to crumble beneath you.  After an hour of listening to them I am quite fed-up!  I hope I get over this though as next week we are having a belated house-warming with the very theme being ‘Fireworks party’.  We have also already purchase said fireworks and they are sat, safely I hope, downstairs.  My parents raising me to be almost overly cautious with fire means that I am nervous of gas hobs (despite having one in Spain and in our last flat), so fireworks are too much for me.  Sam’s parents came over yesterday though and brought with them a little box of fireworks.  There weren’t any rockets, just little fountains and stuff.  They were quite fun though and re-assured me that home fireworks could be used safely!

Fireworks in our garden!

 Aside from the fireworks, we also went out for a little walk yesterday and I have to say this weekend has been excellent for Autumn colours.  The trees outside our house are a lovely array of golden yellows, auburn oranges and deep reds.  Then when we were in the park, the view over the boating lake was wonderful.

The view across the boating lake in Stanborough Park

 Sadly, I know all of the leaves will drop in the next fews days and from then on the streets will be covered in leaf-mulch and the trees bare until spring comes.  So, I shall endeavour to enjoy them until that happens!

Anyway, Sam is making curry and it will be ready soon so I am going to head off and help clear the table!  Curry – yummmmmm!

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