Blog Post 01-09-2010

Thus proving my statement at the start of my last blog post – my two blogs in one day victory did not last my any means.  In fact, it has been over a week now, for which I am heartily ashamed.  Frustratingly too, I have had many potentially interesting (well to me anyway) things to say over the last week.  These are now just lost to the void of my random past thoughts.  Oh well!  My most recent ‘interesting’ thought though was about my favourite food dish of the summer.  This is, I know, a bizarre thing to come up with and in complete contrast to my last lengthy post about cloud computing and the like.  However, Sam and I were watching The Dark Knight yesterday evening when I decided to make some supper and only thing I really wanted was a fresh salad with cheese which I have made many times this year.  The salad consists of lettuce (preferably baby gem), tomatoes in small pieces (either cherry or salad), cucumber (if available), small cubes of pepper, sweetcorn, grated cheese (although not too much) and salad cream.  Sam prefers his without the salad cream and we both occasionally have it with a bread and butter accompaniment.  Anyway, whilst I was eating it, I just though "this is the my favourite dish right now."

Now, of course, anyone who does not know me will now think I am a complete loony.  Those who know me well, probably won’t be surprised – I give great importance to my food so often pay it far too much time and attention!  It is also commonly known that one of the greatest pleasures I take from rowing / it’s associated training is the fact that I can eat more.  So, I was rightly pleased when I read this article about diet on Map My Ride.  It basically encourages the eating of carbs in the diet of a regular trainer, along with routine healthy snacking.  With all of the anti-carb folk flitting around these days who love to declare "I don’t eat bread.", this just backs-up my argument that for those of us who exercise, it is a necessary and acceptable part of our diet.

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