Blog Post 13-02-2011

How has the weekend ended already?!  It has all gone far too quickly.  Sam said to me earlier that we should do more things of a weekday evening so that we aren’t just waiting for the weekend.  But it’s not just that, the week comes with such an admin overhead.  But I suppose that is life!

I have had a busy day today doing various bits and bobs.  I have been on-call so couldn’t really go out.  I took the opportunity to catch-up on some rowing admin.  I also did an erg but got half way through and my legs gave-up.  Yesterdays tough outing took hold!  So, I kept it light and then went and flopped to watch a film.  We had a film called Up In The Air from LoveFilm (see our Shorties on Revado) which we’ve seen before.  I enjoy it but it really drained me today.  I think it is the massive absence in the guys life and his questioning of everything by the end of the film.  I found myself feeling rather low by the time I went to make dinner.  Nothing a bit of web development didn’t fix though.  I have amended the way my website posts a tweet message.  I’ve spent far longer than planned doing it though – need to go and iron now!

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