Blog Post 14-04-2011

I learnt a long time ago at work that there are some tasks / jobs / burdens which are never complete. I don’t in a repetitive type of job either – my job involves doing a lot of similar things, but the content and approach changes and evolves over time. So how is it, when I learnt this lesson (in many cases the hard way) in my professional life, I seem to forget this at home?! One could even argue that it is more likely to happen at home when there are fewer boundaries on when it is acceptable to contact you / ask for something. Yet, day-in, day-out, I find myself going on the computer to ‘do admin’ before I will allow myself to do everything else I want to do, such as blog or develop or browse.

So with that in mind, I came straight to my computer to write this. Okay, so it’s not the most interesting post, but it is proving a point to me, myself and I. It doesn’t matter what it is, almost everything in life needs to be time-boxed. People have too much going on these days to spend endless hours pouring over emails or charts or bank accounts. Perhaps it comes down to trying to do too much. I feel I am perhaps to blame for my situation for trying to juggle too many things. But, such is life and I will have to continue juggling until I can safely toss one of the balls to someone with a higher ceiling 🙂

On that note though, I really should get my ergo and out. It’s been so long since the thing has seen the light of day, it will be feeling rather abandoned. Awww…

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