Blog Post 15-02-2010

Some general thoughts / observations / niggles from my journey to work this morning:

Why is there never enough leg room on the train?  I seem to spend 80% of my journeys during rush hour sat at a 45 degree angle with my legs out in the aisle, or with my legs at bizarre angles around someone elses.  Whilst it makes sure I keep my posture (to keep my back straight) it’s not comfortable!

Who are the people who sit on tube platforms?  Every time I take the tube, I can guarantee there will be at least one person sat on the little benches reading a book.  They won’t have a big suitcase or a lot of shopping and trains will be going in and out every minute.  What are they doing there?!  I’m very curious.

Why can’t people walk in a straight line and at a consistent speed?  Every morning, I am trying to walk at my usual fast pace to get to wherever I am going.  I don’t see the point in walking slowly; I want to get to my destination and I am physically capable of covering a lot of ground fast.  I understand many people don’t want to do this, but why can’t they pick a line and stick to it.  Instead they meander all over the place and when you manage to finally squeeze round them, they suddenly speed up so you end up kicking their shopping or something!  Needless to say, they don’t get any sympathy when they grumble in my direction for denting their lunch with my trainer!

Finally, something that amused me rather than provoked a thought.  Whilst reading my book on the train, I glanced up and did a double take as I thought I saw a woman wearing tinfoil on her head.  Turns out it was a silver sequined hat!  I did have to stifle a chuckle.

Ah Mondays!

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