Blog Post 17-03-2011

Why is it that, whenever one has a delivery or collection booked, one always ends up at the end of the round.  I sound very formal using ‘one’, but I want to make it clear that this seems to happen to everybody.  Regardless of where I have lived or what I have been having deliveried or collected, I always seem to spend the entire day sitting around…waiting.

The only exception to this of course, was when we had our Gift Lift delivered in December and we were the very first drop.  They turned-up on the first day of the December snow at 7:35 when we hadn’t even got up yet!  The poor drivers had to deal with two very groggy people who looked surprised by the snow and, as such, much less excited than they should have been about lots of presents!  I was also hungry so don’t care about much until I have eaten.

On a completely different topic, I have just glanced out the window and can see the blossoms on the trees (I am working at home today for aforementioned collection which I really hope does happen).  It’s so nice to see things coming back to life again after such a draining winter.  Even thinking back to that Gift List day makes me feel cold and grateful that even now thing are so much more tolerable.  This winter has really taken it’s toll.  But you can feel people getting more hopeful again as the days get lighter and everyting comes in to bloom!

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