Blog Post 18-10-2010

I meant to blog yesterday-it was on my to-do list but, as usual, it was neglected! In my own defence (even though I am the main one who is bothered by the lack of new content on my own website!) I had to make a choice between blogging or writing some new shorties for Sam (see Revado). If I had written him some, he would have grumbled at me even more. By not writing my blog it was just an outstanding item on my list – the latter was less irritating. Sorry Sam!

It has been a tiring and turbulent few weeks. Everything has been time consuming – work more so than everything but rowing related stuff has been having a good go at eating all my time too. I most definitely had one of those moments last week where I did wonder “How do I get myself in to these things?!”. I didn’t really reach any conclusions there (answers on a postcard please) but I did decide racing at Fours Head was probably a bit optimistic really, hence the previous blog post. After I took a call on that, I felt much better, though disappointed. Everyone else had a bit a U-turn on that after me anyway!

Owing to my high stress and tiredness levels, Sam declared a fun activity for the weekend just gone – ‘chillaxing’. That worked wonders. After rowing on Saturday, we had lunch, went to town, read for a while, went to see ‘The Social Network’, cane home and watched ‘Merlin’ then went to sleep. Sunday I spent the entire morning in my jammies catching-up on admin. I then got dressed & we went to Waitrose. I then washed the car followed by another cinema excursion to see “Made In Dagenham” and have a Nandos. All very nice and relaxing! Also, both very good films. They both provoked many thoughts but I shall save them for another time – I am almost at my station…

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