Blog Post 21-02-2011

It’s Monday again! But this week I am not feeling as tired as the last, which is good. I had one of those glorious moments this morning where I woke-up as then discovered I still had 45mins left until the 6am alarm. It would have been nicer if it were 90mins, but I’ll take what I can get!

Blackbird was wide awake when we got up this morning and he provided the soundtrack for Sam and I getting ready. It is astounding how much the noise from those little creatures can carry! I think today is likely to be a quiet day because quite a few of my team are on annual leave or w@h. Of course, I shan’t tempt fate by not acknowledging that a support issue could blow a nice quiet day out of the water. If it were going to happen any day, I would give good odds on today!

Only 4 weeks until I officially move teams now – exciting! We have a team away day on Wednesday night / Thursday too so that will be interesting – I’ll finally get to meet everyone. Then on Sunday I am racing followed by switching on my group 2 branches (next weeks Monday post will be at least 30mins earlier!). So a busy 7 days ahead!

Some twonk has opened the window on the train without asking when it’s 4 degrees outside. Not impressed.

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