Blog Post 21-05-2011

At almost all stages of life, a person will never ever ever be without something they should be doing. Regardless of how well we manage our to-do lists (or whatever organisation approach one uses), there is always something on there which is the tedious job that never gets done. I am thinking of tasks such as ‘clearing out old bank statements’ or ‘re-organising the ‘stuff’ cupboard in the kitchen’ or…you get the idea.

So, with that in mind, it is key for those of us with neurotic and over-ambitious tendencies to learn at what point it is okay to relax. I am part way through reading a book right now which a colleague recommended to Sam. It’s called Getting Things Done and it basically covers how to manage everything you have going on in your life so you don’t get behind. I have made a good dent in it but I am still only on section 1. I have made some vague attempts at applying the techniques but section 2 is where the real action is. Anyhow, the reason for mentioning the book is because it really emphasises the need to distinguish between the things that need doing in the very near future, things that require attention soon and those things that one would ‘like’ to do. It really is stating the obvious but I find that very hard to do.

You can imagine my consternation then when I was flopped on the sofa this afternoon and had nothing pressing on me to require me to move. So, I didn’t. I sat there and did what any modern day lass would do – I faffed on my phone! Eventually, of course, I tired of this doing-nothingness and meandered in to the garden to ‘apply’ some plant-pot feet to my arrangement of decking pots. Tired out by that strenuous activity, I summoned my last bit of energy to turn my laptop on.

Now, Sam mentioned something about a curry tonight. My stomach demands attention so I shall bid you all farewell and go to investigate…

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