Blog Post 30-07-2010

I have been meaning to blog all week but, somehow, something has always got in the way and I never got round to it.  I was going to say I never have time, but I am trying to use that phrase less because, typically, it’s not true.  I was reading the free Stylist magazine this week and it was an article in there that made me realise this.  The writer essentially made the point that whilst she assumed a culture change and more work had her working lingers hours, it was in fact her ability to be distracted by the internet.  One day she put her Out Of Office on and shut down Twitter, Facebook etc and she said she got loads done!  I fear I am a bit like that, although I have a fairly good awareness of when I use these sites (and do work related reading from them) and am much better now at defining my clear objective for the computer session; my blog just didn’t make it there this week!

Anyhow, enough of that and on to something of vague interest.  Sam an I were back to work this week but both of us were on a course for the early part which has made the week seem both long but also go fast!  I was in a very good mood still on Monday after Lou and I lost our sculling Novices at St Neots in the double on Saturday! St Neots delivered another blinder of a day and, despite me having five back to back races, we won our final by two lengths against Barnes Bridge Ladies by two lengths.  We had a close shave in the semis though, beating Sudbury by half a canvas! Eeek. When we had crossed the line, all four of us sat waiting to hear the result because we didn’t know!  Pictures are on Revado.

Anyway, I could probably go on for longer about many things for a while but it would get dull and I’m also nearly at Finsbury Park and want to read some of my magazine.  Laters.

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