Blood donation

I gave blood yesterday.  I try to give blood regularly; whilst it’s not the nicest experience, it is mostly pain-free and I always think, what if it were one of my family or friends that needed the blood.  There are so many people who don’t go.  I have to admit that it’s not the slickest of processes.  I booked an appointment and it still took about 50 mins for me to be seen, which is actually quicker than normal!  However, I sometimes feel like people use that as an excuse to hide the real reason they’re not going – that they’re scared.  Admittedly, not everyone can give blood: medical reasons, a genuine fear of needles etc etc.  A lot more could donate though.  Perhaps it’s just another demonstration of the selfish nature of the UK as a whole?

Anyway, asides from that, the reason I thought to blog on donating blood was the affect it has on you.  Now I haven’t passed out or anything horrific, but the affects of losing a pint of blood really do linger.  I went to do my training this lunch time and found myself getting tired really quickly, plus my temperature sky-rocketed!  I had to drop the weight of my kettlebells in every exercise and managed to knock-back about 600ml of water/juice.  I suppose giving up 1/8 th of your blood is a bit of a shocl to the system and my body is starting to try and rebuilt it.  I should read up more on it.  One plus though was I got to have plenty of food yesterday without having to do any exercise because my body was hungry the whole day.  Yum, food!

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