It’s suddenly got a bit chilly down here in the South; not freezing (I would be insulting the Northerner within me by claiming that already) but the temperature has definitely dropped.  For the first time in the last few weeks I bearly got hot at all on the walk to the station this morning.  I also advised Sam didn’t take his coat with him too, which I felt a bit guilty about when we got outside and he was cold!

It’s been a rather manic week this week, not aided by the fact I have had a cough (again!) which occasionally reduces me to a small wreck of a person trying to just breathe!  Fortunately it seems to be clearing up and so far today it hasn’t been too bad.  I had a bath last night and I think that may have helped.  Of course, coupling the cough with the busy week means I am really quite tired and am looking forward to a bit of a lie-in (8.30 am) tomorrow!  I’m then going to get my hair cut tomorrow morning, thank goodness.  It has reached that point where if I wear even just a portion of it down, it goes insanely frizzy – well enough to annoy me anyway.

It’s also been a busy week in the news with the new enquiry into the death of Princess Diana starting.  It has meant that every morning the headlines have been to do with some ‘new’ footage of her last movements before the car crash.  I find the whole situation infuriating, not least because it is such a ‘senstive’ topic and you never know who you might offend if you say anything even slighty against her or something involving her.  It does seem this time though that more people are openly sharing the same opinion as me; whilst it is terrible that she died, an inquest has already been held and ruled accidental death, so why are they spending public money on a second investigation?!  It sounds a bit harsh to say that, but I can’t help but feel certain involved parties are just pushing for it to be re-investigated purely because the verdict was not to his liking.  What will happen if they reach the same verdict this time?!  You wouldn’t believe it was 10 years since the whole event happened…

The Diana stories have, at least, taken the headlines away from the Madelaine McCann story.  Given how little information we (the public) actually know about the whole event, the rumours and theories were getting more and more far fetched.  What is perhaps worse is that the papers were starting to word them so they almost sounded like fact!  Hopefully now they can go back to focussing on what has happened to the poor little girl at the centre of the whole event.

Anyway, enough of my views on the world, there is work to be done!

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