Cheesy brains…

I sometimes think my brain is full of cheese. Not solid cheese but stringy cheese, or occasionally runny cheese. Like when you have some really mature brie which starts to gloop out of the sides. This feeling coincides with when my brain is full of things to do, but cannot connect them in to one coherent list of actions. It happens a lot at present, so many things going on that they all splodge together. What I really need is some kind of device to fashion this cheese in to miniature portions (such as Babybels or those little samplers you can get from Sainsbury’s). I could then mentally eat each one in turn. As it is, I end up wading through the really ripe brie and feeling a bit nauseous before tripping over the stringy stuff and landing in a heap. Mentally and metaphorically though of course.

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About Me

Hello, I'm Angela. I'm Mum to two small people (5 & 2). I'm a Gardener, am houseplant obsessed and addicted to tea. By day I work in tech and also look after my littles. I'm trying to get our family to live a more sustainable life. I also have far too many opinions...hence the blog. You can read more about me here. You can also follow me on Twitter so you never miss a post. Hope you enjoy reading!

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