Commuting and rowing are not the best of friends

For much of my professional career, I have also been pursuing my rowing ‘career’. It has become complete habit that several nights a week I head home to either go out to the club, jump on the erg or jump up and down with weights. However, whilst training is tough, dare I say it, work is usually tougher. So, it requires quite a lot of will-power to kick-start a training session some nights. Then, there are days (or weeks) where the thought of even making it home is tiring, let alone bashing out an erg. For me, tonight is one of those nights

So, what to do? Referring back to a blog I wrote a few weeks ago about ergs, I am more than aware that a mediocre erg is better than no erg. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help when the only thing on your mind is dinner and sleep. Now, I am now slacker, but there are times when you have to give yourself a break and have a night off. Rowing is a passion and, at times, an addiction of mine. But ultimately, unless you are part of squad GB, it is just a hobby. So if the thought of training starts to become a point of stress, then it might be time for a well-deserved break on the sofa.

As for tonight, some form of erg is looking likely but we’ll see…

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