Credit Crunching

It’s all doom and gloom in the press at the moment.  Every time I look at the BBC website, another bank in another country is currently being bailed out by their government.  It’s really depressing and it gets me so angry.  So much of this has been brought on by people’s greed.  It’s not just the general public’s greed though, it’s the businesses and the banks that are the driving force behind it.  The banks just kept lending to people with no equity and now people are in debt.  The banks kept investing in riskier and risker propositions, to try and make more money, only to now start losing it.  Why are people suddenly willing to take such a gamble with money that isn’t theirs??!  Perhaps if I wasn’t a saver I would be agreeing with the other camp.  However, I am and I have always been diligent with money so it p*sses me off so many others think that it’s beyond them…

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