Driving & rain don’t mix…

What is with the weather at the moment?  It used to be that there would be a few days of sun, a few of wind, a few of rain.  Now-a-days it seems to vary every flipping hour!  On Saturday whilst rowing it was lovely and clear and warm, except for a bit of wind.  The Sunday was grim and today the rain returned, just as I left to drive St Albans of course!

This quickly leads me to my next gripe, people’s inabilities to drive in the rain.  Everyone was going so fast and cutting other people up.  The A1 was a nightmare and then as soon as I hit St Albans there was traffic everywhere, partly because of St Albans and partly because of the rain.  Fortunately the train was late because I only just made it after a lot of colourful language and running!  I have to confess, it’s making me look forward to my normal train journey to work tomorrow!

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