Gone for another year!

Yes, Christmas has been and gone again and, whilst I have had a nice few days enjoying the festivities (i.e. gifts, food and television) I have to confess I am rather glad it is over.  I don’t want to sound like a scrooge because I don’t hate Christmas; as a matter of fact I rather like Christmas.  Sadly this year though it all happened upon me rather quickly and I was so busy at work I felt a bit rushed an un-prepared for the whole thing.

Never mind though.  Despite the busy-ness, I managed to get all of my presents bought in advance on the last shopping weekend, and wrapped in fact!  We also got our tree up a couple of weekends before (as I think I mentioned in a past blog entry but I don’t quite remember).  We spent Christmas Day with my family this year and my sister kindly volunteered us both as Christmas dinner chefs.  That was okay except she then promptly zonked out on the sofa after not rocking in until about 8 am that morning!  Luckily she woke up in time to help me with the last couple of hours work, which were the toughest – guilt always helps you out in the end.  The dinner was successful in the end and, given we’re both vegetarian, we turned out a very good turkey!

I got some good pressies this year too: a range of CDs (including Clubland 12 and The Hoosiers – see the Music section of my site for the full lot), a decent selection of DVDs (Dr Who Series 2 and Heroes Season 1), lots of books (on herbs, gardening, some in Spanish including one on Bonasis) and some clothing in the form of pyjamas and tops for when I start rowing.  Sam got a range of accessories for his iMac which included the new style keyboard and a wireless mouse, so he’s now happyily playing with his updated kit!  Anyway, a few days now until it’s back to the real world.  I shall enjoy the rest!

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