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Yesterday really was one of those days. Despite having had a good long sleep on Saturday night / Sunday morning, the drained feeling I had all of Sunday carried over into yesterday. It made for a very disappointing start to the week. I was little frustrated yesterday too because it seems like our eight’s head crew can’t go out again until Saturday. It’s just over a week until WHORR now and I’m getting rather nervous. My contribution to the Saturday outing was, well to be honest, really quite poor; all technique I had went out the window in attempt to resolve a problem I have with bending my outside wrist. Enough of the technical stuff, but it puts me on uncomfortable ground when the thing that worries me about a 7k race is holding together my technique as opposed to my stamina and physical capabilities :o)

I am not being completely beaten though and am maintaining my regular presence in the gym. As mentioned above, at least if I can’t work on my technique I can build my stamina and stength. Yesterday I did a short erg and then some weights. I think today I will do some slightly longer ergs and then either some different cardio or weights again. We have a 5k erg test on Thursday night so I don’t want to completely wipe myself out.

Work is also a tad infuriating at the moment too, althought I’m not particularly sure why. I seem to be getting through things ago and the web services mini-project I am looking after finally seems to be on the right track. My desk is really annoying me though because I don’t sit near any windows and face a wall. Whilst it sounds like I sit in a cupboard, in fact I don’t (there are people right behind me) but the glare of the lights and the screen mean I seem to get a headache really easily. Argh!

Oh well, enough of the ranting. I should get back to work so that I feel like today is more productive than yesterday was. Oh, I need to book a haircut – might do that quickly before I forget…

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