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We were watching Enemy of the State on Saturday and there is this brilliant scene where John Voight’s character wants to see if Will Smith’s character has been ‘passed’ some encriminating material by an aquaintence.  His technical lacky, Jack Black, takes the security camera footage and ‘rotates’ it by 180 degrees and give a ‘hypothesised’ version of what Will Smith’s bag may have looked like.  I really like that film, but that one scene is so far fetched, it’s laughable (Sam and I did enjoy a little chuckle!).  Ironically, following in the same vein, there is an article on the bbc homepage today which is about the reality of the cyber-crime seen in the movies – specifically The Bourne Ultimatumclick here to read BBC article on "The facts behind big screen hacks".  It’s quite an intesting little read.  I did always think that the Waterloo scene in The Bourne Ultimatum was a tad excessive – cool, but a tad excessive.

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