If only…

There are too many things I would like to do. åÊNow, I know I harp on about lack of time on many occasion, but I mean it on a much larger scale this time. åÊThe reason I started thinking about this was a colleague was telling me about a his trip to Barcelona this weekend. åÊHaving a long standing love of Spain, I was immediately jealous and wanted to be there. åÊIt made me remember how at one point I had considered moving out there, for a while at least, had I not managed to find a decent job on England. åÊAs it happens I did and as such I find myself where I am today.

Now, don’t assume from that statement that I am in anyway unhappy with my life because I’m most definitely not. åÊThe path I went down has brought so many good things that I åÊcould never think “What if?”. åÊI suppose I am, instead, thinking “If only”; basically I want to be able to do everything. åÊI want to have my house and garden in a quiet place. åÊI also want a nice quirky flat which is close to lots of thinks. åÊI want to row more and be better at it, but I also want to be able to spend more time with friends and family. åÊI want to be better at y job but I also want to learn new things and continually challenge myself like in uni days. åÊI want to live in England but I want to live in Spain. åÊEssentially, I want to do the impossible, or if not impossible, the damn hard to acheive. åÊI guess I’m the same as everyone else though and I just need to focus On the things I want the most and let the rest go. åÊOne thing is for sure, I don’t want a life full of regret, or worse to let my life pass living in dreams. åÊWow, bit philosophical for me. åÊMight get back to my book…

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Hello, I'm Angela. I'm Mum to two small people (5 & 2). I'm a Gardener, am houseplant obsessed and addicted to tea. By day I work in tech and also look after my littles. I'm trying to get our family to live a more sustainable life. I also have far too many opinions...hence the blog. You can read more about me here. You can also follow me on Twitter so you never miss a post. Hope you enjoy reading!

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