Is the slow death of snail mail a good thing?

I have been giving this some thought over the last couple of days.  I am, quite obviously, a fan of I.T., the tinternet and the brilliance of email.  However, I do remember a time when to get in touch with my friends I would dismiss email and write them a letter.  Yes, it took longer and cost a bit of money, but the brilliance was that I didn’t just tell them about day-to-day stuff; I would write about general thoughts and opinions on random films I had seen, have proper written rants about something that had happened in a lecture.  Yes, it all sounds very dull, but they would respond in similar way and it was much more like we were sat in the same room chatting.  Of course, I emailed them too, or chatted over MSN, but I haven’t written a letter to anyone other than my Great Aunt in the last 4 years and I think that is quite sad.  I think there is also something exciting about getting a letter through the post which prompts you to want to reply.  I see so many emails from one day to the next that I have a habit of just leaving them for months, or in the odd case years!  (I can think of some I need to attend to right now…)

On a completely different note, I had my first Go-Karting experience today and it was brilliant!  Sam and I took part in an ‘endurance’ race with Sainsbury’s for Sports Relief.  We were in a team of  (some teams were 3, most were 6) and we had to split driving over 3 hours.  I did two 15 minutes slots.  It was tough though – the steering is not like in a normal car and some of the teams were going really fast.  It was a good day though and I raised £60.50 – thank you to all of my generous sponsors, I will coming to nag you for money in the next couple of days :o)

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