Is this a good week?

This week hasn’t been too bad, so far.  It won’t go down in history as one of the best weeks ever, but I have known weeks significantly worse than this!

The first positive that happened this week, of course, was I got my second Icesave email!  Hurrah!  I confess, I did give a mini cheer when I saw the email; it has been long in coming.  I promptly raised my claims and hopefully I will have my money early next week.  Yipee!  No email for Sam yet though so I still have my fingers crossed.

The second positive thing that happened this week was that I did Kettle Bell circuits at the gym for the first time ever!  It was so difficult though – a real physical drain (especially following a tough Monday night outing) but I really felt like I have accomplished something afterwards.  Yesterday I awoke in a certain amount of pain, to the point where I think I even dreamt about it!  Today it is less painful to walk, but all my muscles are feeling more noticably sore.  My trainer said that there would be very few women in my gym who are physically capable of doing the circuit though, so that was a definite confidence boost.  Hopefully I will be recovered by tomorrow ready for my weekly 30 min erg!

Erm, I’m not sure I know what my next few positive things are – maybe I spoke too soon.  On a really basic level, I got to have a yummy veggie burger with chunky chips for tea yesterday, Clare brough bicuits in to work and we finally got ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ from LoveFilm.  Also, I have next Friday off to go on my Floatation Tank experience that Sam and I won at the Broxbourne Dinner Dance raffle :o)

VAT also goes down from Monday – 17.5% to 15% for 13 months.  It has caused a bit of a hoo-ha at work because they have had to rush a load of price changes through.  Aside from that though, things will be cheaper as of next week!  There has been a lot of debate surrounding the decision to drop VAT.  A lot of people are saying it’s more effort than it’s worth.  Initially I was sceptical too, but having given it some more thought, it will help I think.  Whilst it only drops the price by about 2.2% overall, every bit helps at the moment.  Whatsmore, it’s on EVERYTHING.  So, for 13 months, all our weekly shops will be cheaper.  Critics are saying that it won’t help anyone and that we’ll just be hit by higher taxes later.  That is probably the case, but to be honest, I think people need to be taught the value of money again, and learn how to plan ahead.  If you know that VAT will increase about 17.5% in a years time, you just have to budget more wisely.  We can’t have everything for free and right now, people need to have some money freed-up. 

I’m not convinced that everyone will go out and manically spend just because VAT has dropped.  However, I think it is still the shock of what has happened that is causing people not to spend.  After years of spending to excess, of course the default reaction is to keep your money close to you.  But things such as the Marks & Spencers 20% event just show that given the opportunity to save, people will still spend.

Anyway, enough of this.  I have work to do… Oh, and in summary, I think that, yes, it probably is a good week!

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