It’s all about the little things.

At this point, you are probably thinking this is going to be a sentimental post about some kind gesture someone has made towards me, or something of that nature. But, no, it’s not; to follow my usual trend, it is a bit of a grumble! This morning, as I went to unlock my bike to cycle to the station (a bit late again despite having longer to get ready – not sure how that always happens) when the key sheered off in the lock rendering it useless. So, this lunchtime, I set out to look in the two cycling shops near my office and try to find a suitable replacement. However, I came back suitably disappointed because bike locks (well, decent ones) are really expensive.

The only ones long enough were the fabric covered chains and the sizes we would need ranged from about å£70 -å£100. They probably match the value of my bike! I’m not sure why there was no like-for-like replacement. Maybe that, combined with the breaking key, says something about our choice of lock all those years back. Hmmm. Anyway, now we are without a ‘house’ lock so I have had to use my normal bike lock. This means that when I get home, and most importantly in the morning, it is going to take an extra 30 – 60 seconds for me to faff around unlocking the lock and putting it on my bike to accompany me to the station. Given I am already late, this can only be a bad thing. Yes, you could question my time keeping but… So, as I said, it’s the little things and the little thing here is the damn lock breaking and making everything take longer!

Tonight I shall take to the tinterweb and try to find one that is more cost effective. Until then, what I have will do and I shall dwell on the more optimistic little thing – at least the key broke once I have unlocked my bike! Else it would have been a walk to the station this morning. Every cloud and all that…

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