It’s Friday – oh yeh!

The weekend started off in a really bizarre way for me this evening.  I left work at 5.30 (which is about an hour and a half later than usual for me on a Friday!) and when I got in I had a bit of a chill, watched some TV and the like.  Sam is out having drinks with work people so I went to cook myself some dinner and a mere two minutes into heating up the grill it blew a fuse and tripped the electric in the entire kitchen!   I turned it off, went to the fuse box and tried to flick the fuse back on.  However, it was having none of it so the food went back in the freezer and I started the chore of trying to get in touch with the landlords to get them to come and fix our dodgey oven.

About 30 minutes later the guy turned up to look at it and after pulling our washing machine out and messing up my nice clean floor, he established that the thermostat in the oven had gone.  Annoyingly this means we will be without and over for a week or so.  However, it does mean we will be getting a brand new oven – yay!  You may not think this is exciting, but for the first time in 2 years we may be able to work out what temperature we are cooking on without making a wild guess.

Anyway, since I was sat home alone (and to help me recover from my ordeal) I decided to rent a film from the On Demand service.  I chose one of my favourite films from my late teens – Legally Blonde.  It’s very cheesy, but even after so many years I still love it.  There is a certain bit in it which me and my sis used to love watching, where she proves all the people who judge her wrong. Ah, those were the days where such random idealistic films were sort of inspiring!

I’m listening to some excellent tunes on my laptop at the moment.  The only problem is they are in no way loud enough.  I think I might shut down here and get those speakers turned on!

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