I’ve done it again

My blog writing really has been poor over the last couple of months.  I’m coming to realise that I think it’s because I have become a bit sick of my computer – thanks to work.  It’s quite sad really that work can mess with your head so much, but ti’s only after having a few days off that my head has cleared.  I have been getting so stressed about everything, and so easily too.  I never thought I would be as bad as this.  Even at university I was always relatively calm about things.  I guess the stakes are different when the driving force behind everything you do isn’t just your own self-motivation.  Deadlines are all well and good, but when flaunted in your face all the time, it can be a bit over-whelming.

I have been really enjoying my week off though.  It has been so nice just to chill out in the house and do whatever takes our fancy.  The beginning of the week, the weather was awful, but the last couple of days have been lovely.  In fact, today was perhaps a bit too hot!  The rain has really bashed the garden around so it was nice to finally see a bit of sun perking up the plants.  I hope they don’t get too shocked my the every changing weather mind.

I’m racing at Peterborough this weekend, which should be good fun.  I tend to get really nervous around races so I’m hoping I’ll keep it together a bit more for this one.  I really want to do well, which I think is probably my down fall!  I’m hoping that my week of rest will give me plenty of enery, although it could go the other way and I just zonk out.  Will try and ignore that option!!  The frustrating thing is the early starts.  We’re racing at 9.20 on Saturday which means being there at 7.30am!  Leaving home at 6 isn’t much different to an early work day but it always seems harder on a weekend.  Because there is Sunday racing, we’re staying over Saturday night.  The frustrating part is that if we get knocked out of the heat on Saturday, the reparchage is at 12 so I could have gone home for the afternoon (of course doesn’t work if we win).  But, because we race at 10.44 on Sunday, it would have been another early start so made no sense.  The only reason I wanted to come home on Saturday was to go to a birthday party with Sam on Saturday night – me needing to be in bed by 10.30pm probably won’t let him really enjoy it…  I do love rowing, but sometimes it does conflict with other things.  One day (soon I hope) I’ll win a pot and maybe even a point which will make it all worth it!

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