Less than perfect week

This week has been a bit of an odd one.  Last Saturday was the Fours Head of the River Race.  I had been training for that race for over two months and was really looking forward to it.  So, what happens, Friday afternoon, strong gales are predicted for Saturday.  On Saturdayh morning, Lou and I troop down to Hammersmith with kit bags rammed with kit to keep us warm and dry before, during and after.  On arrival the river looked ok, but it was decided to hold boating until the turn of the tide at 12:30.  When it turned, all you could see were the white horses under Hammersmith Bridge and the race was, eventually cancelled 🙁

Anyway, after a disappointed weekend, I managed to get some painting and other training done.  Then, on Monday night we had a squad chat and decided to re-focus on Eights Head in March.  Then on Tuesday night Sam and I went to see Michael McIntyre at the O2 (hilarious!) so the week was looking promising.  Unfortunately for the next two days I then had a continual and unrelenting headache which even sleeping didn’t help.  Of course, work could have been worse – it was actually a moderate work week.  Not least because I am off work today and the headache has gone this afternoon!!!

Ok, so with hindsight, things aren’t as bad as I thought!  I’m going to listen to some great tunes and rest up for some doubling and eighting at training tomorrow!

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