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I have, of recent, been hit by the stark realisation the Britain is fast becoming a very self-pitying and depressing nation.  Some would probably blame the recent ‘credit crunch’ / looming recession.  However, that would just further strengthen my argument.  I appreciate that things are stressful for many at the moment, and having still got no closer to getting the bulk of my savings back after Icesave went default, I think I can put myself somewhere in that band.  The thing is that Britain almost seem to relish the doom-and-gloom is a kind of sadistic way.

Sometimes it is hard to look on the bright side, but I think because people have become so accustomed to buying whatever they want over the last couple of years, having to go without is hitting many hard.  I have to admit that I too am finding it a bit hard as well.  I have always been a diligent saver for the very reason that in tougher times I could still afford to buy a few bits and bobs.  But since I now don’t have any money to hand other than my salary, things like buying some new winter rowing kit have had to be thrown on the distant back-burner.  I’m not getting depressed about it though because that just makes everything seem worse.

As usual, I believe the media have a massive role to play in this.  I just want to scream at them "Stop being so bloody negative" and bash their heads against a brick wall.  It may get worse again after this initial crisis, but at least governments and companies are now proactively trying to help stabalise things.  These periods are never nice, but things will get better with time.  It just requires a bit of patience, a bit more diligence and even more vision!

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