Never enough time.

Walking home today, I realised that there is never enough time to do everything I want to do.  The reason I thought of that is I overheard someone talking Spanish somewhere on my way to Kings Cross.  I never practice my Spanish these days; not, in fact, since I finished my course in June last year.  It always feels a bit like a fruitless exercise when I rarely go there.  In some ways, trying to keep it up whilst here in England makes me miss life in Spain a bit too much.  You can’t fully appreciate the Spanish language unless you’re in the country, and even as a holiday maker you are never immersed enough.

I’m just watching ‘Una Casa de Locos’ (or ‘L’Auberge Espagnole’ to give it it’s real title).  It’s a French film about a guy who goes to Barcelona on an ERASMUS year.  It came out the year I was in Granada and it was massive hit amongst my language class and, I imagine, the rest of the international community.  I forgot how much I love this film – it really sums up the ERASMUS experience, slightly more glorified perhaps.  But all the bits about Spanish apartments, the nightlife, the idle afternoons – it’s all very familiar.  Of course, watching it hasn’t helped my Spanish much at all, except remind me how bad I probably sounded even back in Granada…when I was actually at my peak…

Of course, going back to the topic in hand, there really isn’t the time to keep-up my Spanish as well as rowing, gyming, doing-up the house and doing general house chores…amongst many other things.  Also, walking home the sky was so clear and I could really see the stars and it reminded me how much I enjoy astronomy.  I used to know so much more about that back at University, but I have really lost the knowledge over the last few years.  Bah, it’s annoying.

Oh well, I don’t want to get too down about it all.  In fact, I’m getting bored of sitting down (my limbs are achey after a moderately good erg today!) so I think I shall make a cuppa!  Perhaps also a biscuit…

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