Not on a School Night

We spent the bank holiday weekend visiting a friend in Paris. Yesterday, we went for afternoon tea at another friend’s. But about 7:30, the friend we were staying with started to get a bit restless. Shortly after, we bid our farewells and headed home. Whilst walking back, she explained that even when she has the Monday off, she feels restless when she is out on a Sunday evening. I found this interesting to both hear and observe because I am exactly the same.

Since starting my ‘Year of Calm’, I have been much better on Sundays, but I still find them quite an anxious day of the week. There were times when I would get progressively more irritable as the afternoon progressed. If I cooked dinner late I would get hot and flustered, only to then subconsciously rush the meal more. A little bit of ironing could push me over the edge, even if everything else was done and I had an hour until ‘bed time’. Don’t even get me started on the Sundays where we were away. The sad thing was, I even felt it on holiday; whilst in Italy last year, mid-way through out break, I was very tetchy on Sunday evening, despite being a world-away from my work.

I feel it all stems from childhood were Sundays were the start of the school week. Many people I know still bow out of things during the week because they are ‘on a School Night’, despite neither being at school nor having children; Sunday, in effect, is The Daddy of School Nights. With that in mind, there seem to be two categories of people: those who want to be refreshed and prepared to take on the week in contrast to those who prefer to remain in denial and make use of every last second of weekend. Neither is right or wrong with both have their own merits. But it does seem that perhaps the curse of the ‘prepared’ group is that unsettled feeling on a occasional Sunday night out. Apart of taking the calm approach I have been taking this year and both admitting and accepting your neuroses, I am not sure there is much else to be done. It did make me happier to know it wasn’t just me though!

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