Pass the bacon…

Despite being unwell still during the early part of this week, I have still had a couple of hard training sessions, yesterday being the monthly 5k ergo test. As usual, after yesterday (and also Monday’s exhausting but brilliant outing) I left the club to go an devour half a supermarkets worth of food, a common rowing trend which was wonderfully explained in a recent blog post from Girl on the River. Everything she said rings completely true except I don’t tend to wake-up at night, rather I am ravenous in the morning. Being a commuter, I knock back a moderate breakfast at home, having little time for anything fancy. Then, by the time I have cycled, trained, tubed and walked to the office, it is all but burnt-up. So, I get a second breakfast. On these particularly hungry mornings, I stand surveying the offers and my eyes always fall on the bacon – a bacon buttie with ketchup, mmmmm! Let me add now, I am vegetarian.

Actually, I am a pescatarian because I do eat fish and sea food. I have been so for about 17 years and did a 6 year stint of full vegetarianism around university. I have no real desire to eat meat again either – I survived a year in Spain without returning to meat and Britain offers so many meat alternatives. For the most part it’s just not something I really fancy eating anymore, except bacon. Bacon is known to be the thing that most often breaks a vegetarian and whilst I can completely relate to feeling, I don’t understand why. Of all the meat offerings, it doesn’t always look that appealing. The smell does draw you in sometimes but lots of other meat can smell as good. For me, I think it’s the memory of bacon sarnies on Sunday morning when I was little. Even now the thought makes my mouth water – the white bread, the crisp bacon, the ketchup. However, I shall not succumb and I will just live with the memory and illusion now. After this long, if I did try, I am certain it would disappoint. So, when I go scouring the canteen later this morning, I shall make do with an egg buttie, which, if I’m honest, is still amazing.

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