Quick, somebody fetch me some tea!

I am racing at Fours Head this weekend. In preparation, we enteredUpper Thames Small Boats Head the weekend just gone. Sadly, only about 15 minutes from Henley, my crew mate and I had a message to say the other two were stuck on the hard shoulder of the M25 near J18 – engine malfunction. In one swift twist of fate, were relegated to spectators. All four of us were most disappointed.

So, hitting the water last night, we felt we had much to achieve. Our squad mates and direct WIM1.4- opposition had been able to race on Sunday to they wanted a recovery row and to work on technical changes. We, however, needed to reassure ourselves we could go the distance without falling apart. We also needed to feel our lungs burn, to get the dust out before the weekend! So, we did our usual ‘pre-Tideway Head’ outing, 4x1500m pieces back-to-back (we have a short stretch of river so can’t do it in one go). The pieces went fine, in fact we got quicker with each and our times were not too shoddy. But right now, sitting on the train, I ache and I am tired. So, when I get to work, if someone doesn’t bring me tea then I shall have to go and find some, because I need it’s caffeinated support this morning!

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