Room 101: Sunday evenings

Sam and I are regular watchers of the BBC programme Room 101. I love seeing all the things the guests want to put in Room 101 but I always get to thinking about what I would put in there. So I have decided to start my own ‘Room 101’ themed blog posts, where I put things which bug me in to my own personal Room 101. I shall of course, stick to a ‘wildcard’ topic, unless theming with the show!

So, the first thing I would like to put in Room 101 is ‘Sunday Evenings’. It’s not so much Sunday evening as the last few hours of the evening before going back to work after at least one day off. People react to it in very different ways: some, like myself, have to chill out, do the ironing and get to bed early ready for a ‘good start’ to the week. Others live in denial and do as much as feasibly possible until they have no choice but to give in to sleep. Regardless of how people react, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel or behave just slightly different on Sunday evening.

What I would like is for Sunday evenings to be as chilled out as Friday or Saturday evenings. But, for everyone to also be able to get up on Monday without feeling tired / hungover / ill-prepared. I doubt that will happen even if I put Sunday evenings in to Room 101, but I want to do it anyway!

Now, with the ironing done and the house tidy, I will just sit here watching TV with one eye anxiously on the clock to make sure I don’t go to bed too late…

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