Room 101: Umbrellas!

Living in Britain, rain is common place. We either have none of it for ages and have fears of droughts and stand pipes. Or we have deluges of it come spring, autumn, winter or (most likely) summer and we end up feeling continually soggy! So, I appreciate the want and need to try and stay dry when it rains. But, oh, I really hate umbrellas.

Being a person of height (I’m 6ft or there abouts), I am at ‘eye-gouging’ height for the average Brit wielding an umbrella. Waiting at the traffic crossing enroute to the tube this evening, I got hit in the shoulder, face or head by no less that 4 umbrellas. These were being driven by women frantically trying to get back in to the dry. But this is not isolated to the female gender, oh no. Worse are usually the guys with short cut hair and rain macs who insist on using a golf umbrella to protect their waterproof jacket and <1cm locks. Hmmm. I will be honest, on extreme occasions I have used an umbrella: some truly torrential rain we had last summer and when going to a 'do' and smart waterproof garb was not readily available. But, for the most part, I use another wonderful invention which I feel should be a mandatory purchase for everyone: a waterproof jacket with a hood!

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