Even after a really long sleep, I’m still shattered! It was a really busy week last week and now I think I’m feeling the effects. Last Saturday we went off house-hunting again, as I think I mentioned, and saw a couple of houses that we liked. Anyway, we decided to arrange viewings for Tuesday night so we could get the train up and walk to them both. So, Sam arranged said viewings and we tried to forget about them both until Tuesday night.

Monday was it’s usual busy self because I had my Spanish class in the evening. However, we have our exams in the next two classes so this one was devoted to revision, which has succeeded in panicking me about what is to come. Unfortunately, I have had no time to revise yet (for reasons to be explained) so I’m still no less worried. Luckily it’s the oral exam this week so maybe I’ll struggle through this one.

So, Tuesday arrived and we went to see both houses. The first one was a new refurb and ended up being a real trek. Also, the interior wasn’t very well finished on closer inspection. The second house was very nice inside and we decided Sam would make an offer for us the following day. However, I hopped on a train out to Berkshire on Wednesday for a three day residential course at my companies conference centre. All very nice, but really poor mobile reception and no in-room TVs :o( Luckily the group was a sociable one and we managed to amuse ourselves by going on walks and sitting around with wine! But, going back to the house, Sam made the offer at 10am on Wednesday, and then rang me at 12.30pm to say it had been accepted!! So, it seems we may have a house (although I will not assume anything until the contracts are signed) and we are now starting the legal bit / confirming mortgages etc…

Anyway, enough rambling. I’m going to go and get breakfast…

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