Small mountain from medium sized mole hill

We went to Leeds this weekend to visit some friends. åÊI was a litle concerned about getting there and back again because for the past 10 days, all the trains have been severely messed up because of the snow and ice. åÊWe were lucky though because despite a 30 min delay on the way there, we had no delay on the way back and managed to make our connection at Stevenage even though we only had a 4 min gap -that never uually happens even in good weather!

Sam was getting annoyed with me though because H wouldn’t stop checking my phone the entire journey to see if we were on time. åÊWe weren’t from fairly early on and I was, therefore, slightly on edge the entire trip. åÊI had to set myself times to check my phone to stop me compulsively doug it every 10 mins! åÊOf course, I told Sam åÊhe just shouldn’t ask what I am doing when he knows I an checking. åÊBut he does! åÊOf course, I should also just learn to chill, but I can’t! åÊI know I’m much better than I used to be but I get so wound up when travelling back of an afternoon/evening the day before ‘something’ (work, a race etc). åÊIt’s amazing how stress then builds: I’m a little stressed so Sam us a bit stressed which makes me more stressed and in turn it makes him more so, etc etc. åÊYou just can’t win 🙁

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