Summer training: tougher than winter?

I was going to train when I got home today (Lou was busy so I didn’t go to the club) but after baking in the sauna that was the train for 30 minutes (it was VERY unpleasant!) I just couldn’t summon the energy to train as soon as I got in. After a light dinner, I decided to train just before 8pm when it started to get a bit cooler. Despite that, after half an hour of kettle bells I was sweltering. It did made me think, I really dislike winter training but at least once I have started, I can get through a decent cardio session without almost collapsing from dehydration!

Of course, this is why summer training is typically sprints and endurance pieces and long weight sessions are reserved for those nippy winter evenings. Also, winter comes with it’s own challenges; It is astonishing the amount of tedious admin one can ‘discover’ when it is time to get changed for an erg session in a 0 degree conservatory. I’m not saying I want the winter back, oh no! But it does have a few benefits. Until then though, I’ll just make my peace with training in the heat. At least if I don’t train quite so much, in the summer I have fewer custard-smothered puddings to burn off!

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