TGI Friday

Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend! This has been my first week back at work following ‘The Move’ and I can’t stress enough what a shock it has been to be back at my desk for 7 hours a day following a much longer commute into London. The commute itself isn’t actually that bad. The walk to the station is about 20 mins and then the train we get in the morning takes 35 BUT always has seats it would seem. I then have a 15 minutes tube journey on the Victoria line, which isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. On the way home it’s even quicker because the train I get takes a mere 23 minutes!

It’s nice to have the house to go home to in the evenings though. Everything in Welwyn is nice and chilled compared to West Kensington, which could be fairly manic and loud at times. Unfortunately we had to deal with the flat a couple of nights this week which meant we got home quite late. But, none-the-less, we still had time just to veg out a bit.  Everything with the flat ‘check-out’ went okay though, so hopefully we’ll get our deposit back this time.  I’m hoping I won’t suffer another incident like I had back in Canary Wharf (thieving, lying, evil landlord); even though it all happened over two years ago, I am still bitter!

We haven’t got much planned for this weekend, although we do want to go and see "Run, Fat Boy, Run" at the cinema. The plan was to go this evening but the show times are 7.10pm and 9.30pm – how rubbish are they?? Anyway, we haven’t decided if we want to go yet and if so, whether we will eat before or after. Our tummies aren’t very good at lasting out that late for food!! The only other thing we want to do on Saturday is some bits and bobs in the garden. Sam wants to wash the conservatory roof and I want to ‘treat’ the decking before winter sets in. 

I’ve become properly addicted to Movie Quizzes on facebook this week. It’s terrible! I keep doing them at work when I should be working so it’s lucky I have worked extra time this week because I have to surrender loads of it to account for the quizzing! I am now rationing myself to just doing one at lunch and one or two when I am waiting for something to run or compile. I think that’s fair – a distraction helps one focus better on work, as long as I don’t go back to doing loads in a row… 

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