The blackout ends

It seems like forever since I wrote my last blog. It also seems like forever since I had a proper rest; the last few weeks have been so tiring. They have been great fun mind with the first room of our house now a different colour to everything else – woohoo! The other fun bit was rowing training camp. Sounds a bit sadistic to say I enjoyed hauling myself up and down the river Dee (in Chester) for over 40k over 2 days whilst my muscles cramped up and my hands were shredded to pieces. However, it was a really good couple of days.

It always astounds me how how much the human body can endure; any human body not just Olympic class athletes. We did a really long session on Saturday afternoon which was 8.5k to the ‘Iron Bridge’ and then back again. It was just steady-state rowing with some bursts but the tough bit was the endurance. We didn’t stop the entire way except to spin and then get round a dodge corner. I swear my arm was about to fall off by the end it was cramping so much from tiredness and cold winds, but I managed it, and I went on to row a further 16k the following day (with the aid of lots of tape on my hands!!).

The weirdest part of the whole weekend though was the snow – in April! Crazy! It the returned on Monday morning which did not make the very tired walk to the station go quickly :o)

We’re going out for dinner at Bierodrome tonight. They have (or did last time) a menu where you pay the same price as the time you order. Get there by 5.30 – bargain!! Yum yum yum…

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