The end of the weekend

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night -the weekend has gone so fast, and we had Friday off! Seems to be the way of things, especially when Monday holds in store something you’re not looking forward to. Yes, tomorrow is the day of my…Spanish exam – duh duh duh! It is actually, if we’re being honest, the second part of my Spanish exam because we had the oral exams last week. Tomorrow is the listening, writing and grammar exams which unfortunately means lots of questions on the subjunctive, euch! Anyway, I have almost finished doing the hand-outs our teacher gave us a couple of weeks ago and they have been really helpful. From what I have done so far, a lot of the questions I know just from intuition or experience. There are some areas I’m not that strong on, but sadly I think it’s a bit too late to do anything about it now. I honestly don’t know how harsh the marking criteria is at the school so only time will tell I guess. I just hope you are able to re-sit the exam if necessary if I fail. I don’t fancy doing the entire 15 week course again! I’m planning a break after this course anyway. There is a four week conversation course, or a four week translation course – so I might do one of those…

So, this weekend we went up to Leeds for a friends engagement party. We took Friday up so we could get a morning train, about 11.30 ish if my memory serves me correctly. It was lovely and sunny when we left so we wandered off in sandles and cropped trousers, with only a light jacket each. As the train headed further towards the North, the skies got darker and then we hit the rain. By the time we got to Leeds it was cold, wet and miserable and we looked like two holiday makers who had just got back from Lanzarote. I have clearly been in the South too long to forget the need to check the weather before heading back up the country. Luckily we had trouser in our suitcase, but I had annoyingly left my trainers at home so I was stuck with sandles and the new shoes I had just bought which needed breaking in. Needless to say I spent most of Friday and Saturday with either cold or hurting feet :o(

The engagement party was fun, and we weren’t the only two there who didn’t know anyone else and got chatting to another couple. Some musical mind games ensued trying to encourage people to dance, along with some drinks and finished off with some chips at a random chip shop near Leeds station at about 2.15am. We were, obviously, knackered when we finally fell into bed, and felt just as exhausted the following morning.

For some bizarre reason (which we cannot remember now) we thought it would be a good idea to stay in Leeds until 8pm on Saturday. This meant we had to amuse ourself for the entire day whilst feeling tired, cold and trying not to spend too much money. My friend Jenny lives in Leeds so we met her for lunch which was nice and a nice chat with some food perked us up no end. Jenny also suggested a trip to the cinema so after lunch we mooched to The Light to get tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. We hadn’t been sure whether or not we wanted to see the film; critics did not rate it well and it’s really long. However, since both Jenny and Sam’s sister Sophie both enjoyed it, and we had the time, we gave it a go. It was better than I thought it was going to be, but as always I won’t say much here because I need to review it for revado!

So all of today has been spent chilling at home really. Sam had a good session on the Wii and I did quite of lot of grammar exercises in preparation for tomorrow. My friend Carol was also over from Paris for the weekend so she popped in for an hour or so for a chat (and she brought cookies – yum!). That pretty much takes us up to now. I think I shall end it now before I write another epic entry – I’m in need of some more water or an green tea anyway. åÁHasta Pronto Todos!

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