The Power of the Super-Brands

I’m watching a program on BBC2 called ‘Secrets of the Super-Brands’. It’s a bit of a coffee-table-TV-show but at the same time, factual as only the BBC can pull off. It is looking at the world wide identity of Coca Cola, McDonalds and Heinz. It is astonishing the way these global (sorry, ‘Glocal’) companies approach their production marketing, well, everything.

Coca Cola is one of the most astonishing cases. They want to DOUBLE their business in the next few years. They are currently about a 1.6 BILLION DOLLAR business (or there-abouts – I’m doing this from memory). The amusing thing is there is one place they are still second best – Scotland. Yes, our awkward, deep-fried-mars-bar eating friends will all choose Iron Bru over Coke every time. I have a friend who is the embodiment of this love of Iron Bru. I’m quite proud of Scotland for keeping Coke at bay!

So then the guy looked at the psychology of brands and the influence they have. In a taste test of Heniz baked beans vs Heinz baked beans dressed up as Tesco own-brand, only one person out of 12 actually said they tasted the same! The majority preferred Heinz, stating their allegiance before really trying both samples. When monitoring brain activity of a teenager being shown images of things, brain activity was almost identical when the lad was shown pictures of his family and friends as when shown certain brand logos.

It does make me wonder, how much are we influenced by a brand name? We think we are choosing out of free will, but are we really?! I feel I should set-up a round of taste-tests for Sam but, well, I want to watch the end of the program. I shall sit back and enjoy my Krisprolls – a Wholegrain Wholesome Delight from Sweden. At least on this one occasion I have avoided a Super-Brand!

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