The weekend is long gone…

So, another new weekend has been and gone.  It seems to be the way of things in the working world!  Fortunately the weather was a little better this weekend compared the last month or so.  I even had to apply suncream on Saturday afternoon for fear of burning!  Slightly exciting (well for me anyway) is the fact that this entry is coming to you from a new rich text editor I have implemented into my site.  It’s called and is open source.  Whatsmore, I have changed the look of my blog index and archive pages.  They now have cool + / – buttons instead of the individual entry pages I used to have. 

So, what have I been up to since the last entry.  Well, last week was the start of the new gym routine.  After my tough 1 – 1 last week, Mads and I went on both Thursday and Friday and used the machines.  However, we didn’t get as much done as we would have liked because we were trying to get used to what we should do to maximise our time and I couldn’t find my fitness card anywhere in the A – Z folders.  Annoying!

By Friday night I was properly tired and just wanted to veg out.  Sam had a Corporate ticket to the Grand Prix qualifiers at Silverstone on Saturday, so his friend was staying over so they could leave really early (6.30am!).  However, his friend didn’t arrive until 11.30pm so I was knackered by the time I actually got to sleep, despite the fact I did go to bed to read at about 11pm.  I then got woken up and 6am when Sam got up to get ready.  Once they had gone I did go back to sleep for a short while and then I got up and went into town before it got busy.

It was a successful shopping trip – I managed to get some new trainers and a swimming costume for my new fitness regime.  I also got my Spanish grammar book – Gramática Básica del Estudiante de Español.  The best part was, because I am a student of the Instituto Cervantes, I got 10% so it was a bargin at £12.50!  I also treated myself to a new Radley ( with some birthday money from Mum and Dad, although it will have to be my last one for a long time now!

On Saturday afternoon I went to the Hampton Court Flower Show with Sam’s Mum and Dad.  I took lots of good photos of all the beautiful flowers, but I’m still waiting for Sam to finish them off to upload.  It was a really good afternoon though and we were looking at things from 3pm until the bell rang at 7.30!  There were some brilliant bonsaiis (which I wanted to buy but didn’t!) and some amazing lillies.  In fact there was too much to properly describe here.  Hopefully Sam will put the pics online soon!.

Sunday was very chilled and I did some work on my site, as did Sam.  He has put his GP photos on his site ( I also submitted two new reviews to the Revado reviews site ( Shrek the Third and Pirates of the Caribbean 3.  Only the latter is online now, but Shrek will follow soon I’m sure.

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