Time – again…

Time seems to be a recurring theme of my blogs – specifically the fact there is never as much of it as I would like!  As is often the case, the reason this has come to mind again is because of rowing.  Yesterday, four of the girls in my squad won at Lea Spring Regatta.  I’m really pleased for them but it got me to thinking about how I still haven’t won anything – in fact I have won very few races in my rowing ‘career’!  I do land training and I’m trying to plan my sessions properly now I’m training at home, to ensure I don’t slack-off.  However, I really feel I need / want to do more water-based training.  The problem is, with all of the other things I have to do at home, I don’t have the time to go down to the club.  Plus it really isn’t fair on Sam for me to be swanning off to the club every other day.  Perhaps if we lived closer, but we don’t (and I have no desire to move!).

My friend Lou had a good idea yesterday – every other Wednesday she and I would meet at the club to do our double.  Sam could then come there from work and we could all go for an exciting dinner afterwards.  Both saves time (I could go straight from work) and gives Sam’s drive to collect me some purpose (curry, pizza, etc.).  It does require a lot of co-ordination though!

Damn it though, I want to win something – preferrably a pot and point but even a race would be nice!  Perhaps I want it too much…?

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