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I have just spent 5 minutes writing a long, heart-felt blog entry, only for my session to time out.  Damn it!  I shall have to increase my session time at some point because I have clearly set it to some stupidly low number.

St Mary’s Univerity College are graduating at Westminster Cathdral and I can see them all out of the window from my desk.  It got me reminiscing about my graduation – 4 years ago now!  Time has really flown but I can remember so much of that day really clearly.  My ceremony was at 9am, with procession starting at 8.30am (even though we only had to cross Palace Green it still took 30 mins!).  Consequently, I had to get up at about 5.30am to be there at 7am to robe.  I spent much of the evening before in the bar catching up with friends on my last ever night in college.  By the time I got to bed it was about 12.30 / 1am and I then got woken up at 4am by some noisey so-and-sos getting back in from Klute.  When my alarm went off I was not a happy bunny (and I looked shattered!).

By the time I reached graduation, I was more than ready for it.  I had reached my ‘Mathematical Ceiling’ so to speak and could not have tolerated any more exams!  However, I’m not sure I was quite ready to leave Durham,.  The city and the University have such a culture surrounding them and I really felt at home there.  Later on graduation day, as I continued packing my room, I was really sad to be leaving.  It just didn’t seem right!  Of course, I think it’s much better to leave when something still has a postive place in your mind than reaching the point where you become sick of something.  Most of my memories from Durham are happy ones, the negative stuff having been wiped from memory (unless of course the experience needs to be remembered to ensure that the same thing never happens again!).

I think I miss the work as well though, which most people would probably think odd and brand me as a sad-case.  The thing was that I enjoyed sitting in my room late on an evening listening to my music and working on my problems.  It seemed perfectly normal for that to be a solitairy affair and I rarely felt lonely doing it.  These days in the evenings I can find myself bored: too tired to watch TV, read or start my own projects on the computer.  I never have the inclination to do any work work – once money is involved everything changes!! ;o)

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