Time to bring in a Highway Code for commuting?

I have been commuting for many years and there are many stereotypical grumbles which bother me day to day. On the flip side, I also have a very methodical and structure way to life – if I agree with a set of rules or a certain structure, I won’t lie, I tend to conform quite easily. What I do if I don’t agree really varies on a case-by-case basis but that isn’t something I shall delve in to. So, back to the topic in hand, I have, for most of my life, applied Highway Code-type rules to many aspects of my ‘moving’ around, especially commuting and walking around busy tube stations and along busy streets.

Typically, on the underground, the rule is Keep Left. You usually find the slowest people keep to the far left and it cascades out to the centre in speed order, much like a human motorway if you will. This kind of unspoken but natural balance pleases my mathematical brain. So when I have to ‘pull out’ in to the other carriageway to over take a slow person in the middle, I get quite enraged. One could even liken certain types or traveller to different kinds of vehicle, such as someone with those irritating wheels suitcases that they forget is there could be compared with a caravan or a small trailer, namely, they should stay in the slow or middle lanes. This option presents so many options: painted lanes, traffic lights at intersections with other tunnels. The possibilities are endless. But I suppose if we did that, we’d need commuting police because don’t even get me started on the frustrating people who dare to go the wrong way down the slow lane…!

Hmm, this idea might need a bit more work.

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