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Dear oh dear, almost two weeks since my last blog entry.  I fear I am starting to slip into old habits!  In my defence however, the last two weeks have been fairly hectic and have not always left me that much time to blog.  At work I have been getting up to speed with my new project, which I move to a week tomorrow.  (I am also adjusting to the fact I will have to leave my current team in a mere 5 working days which is sad and something I shall not go on about here!).  On the social front, last weekend was quite good fun.  On Friday night Sam and I went out for drinks with some of his work friends.  We then went for dinner with his friend Phil and Phil’s wife Anna.  Despite a fairly late one for us and a few glasses of wine, I felt full of energy on Saturday and Sunday so the weekend turned into a mega cleaning fest!

Last week was slightly more subdued because from Tuesday to Friday I was on a residential course (systems analysis – wooooo).  The course was quite interesting actually and I also got to drive there for the first time ever because it was actually more convenient!  Unfortunately the traffic was awful on the way there on Tuesday (it was raining) but it meant on Friday I was able to leave, do some food shopping and get in before 4.30pm!  Yesterday we had a fairly faffy day buying a few bits in town, including fabric for me to make curtains for the french doors in the lounge.  Unfortunately I was having a fairly emotional day and after having to go back to the shop because the guy had measured the fabric wrong and a fight with the sewing machine, I didn’t get much done.  In the evening we were both feeling fairly deflated so we had a slap-up meal at Nando’s in the Galleria and then went to the cinema – Stardust.

Today I had a successful curtain day, and they are now up and helping to keep the lounge warm.  Sam also airaited the lawn!  I spent a lot of the afternoon watching the Grand Prix (whilst making curtains) and as I almost perfectly predicted, Lewis Hamilton did not only not win, but also failed to get points.  Alonso was also held off second place which meant Riakonnen won the championship.  I said weeks ago at work that would happen – everyone was so sure Hamilton would win, the most unlikely scenario had to happen.  He did some damn good driving though, so I’m sure next year we’ll see him winning in the end!

Anyway, I’m off to write a review of Stardust for Revado.  Be sure to check it out, as well as my one for Ratatouille!

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